Design sites to cater to ideal visitors

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June 25, 2021, 1:41 AM GMT+0

Define the ideal website users and their journeys to build effective websites.

User-centred designs may help brands improve the usability of their websites for prospects and increase revenue. Invest in good hosting services, use SEO tools to check for broken links, evaluate mobile-friendliness, and optimise desktop and tablet versions of the site to ensure it is available and accessible to all customers.

Understanding site visitors' mental models, reviewing feedback, and creating simple, familiar-looking sites with consistent experiences helps improve the user experience (UX). Implement intuitive interfaces, concepts, and patterns, while providing additional information to help users learn site-usability and remember the new site design.

Creating an “About Us” page with information like contact details and posting authentic content on the site helps build credibility. Brands must ensure their content is relevant to their ideal users to craft user-friendly websites.

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