Use first-party data to tackle VPN issues

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June 25, 2021, 5:43 PM GMT+0

A Surfshark data found that 31% of all internet users utilise a Virtual Private Network.

Online marketing's success depends heavily on access to as much data as possible, from users' personal information and browsing habits to location data. With the rise in VPN usage worldwide, it is increasingly becoming challenging for marketers to track users' browsing habits or location data.

With VPNs' help, users can hide their ISP, change their perceived location, and prevent tracking across websites, making targeting and retargeting audiences highly complicated. To target audiences effectively when they are using VPNs, businesses should shift their focus to first-person information provided by potential customers.

Using automated data collection tools can further make marketers' jobs easier. Apart from providing online privacy, VPNs can also support brands in improving international SEO and privacy-focused marketing activities.  

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