B2B brands must lean into live videos

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June 28, 2021, 5:43 PM GMT+0

Both B2B marketers and recruiters need to create more live videos, add audio channels to the marketing mix to attract Gen Z’s attention.

Gen Z - the youngest consumer demographic - in the UK increased its live video viewing by nearly 60% at times during 2020. To attract this digitally native generation, B2B marketers and recruiters need to create more live videos

Creating HR-based live videos, highlighting success stories and holding live videos sessions with employees can help brands attract Gen Z talent. B2B brands also consider adding audio channels to their marketing mix as 70% of Gen Z members were tuned into podcasts in 2019.

B2B brands should also keep in mind that brand values matter to Gen Z. Gen Z B2B buyers also expect the same buying experience as B2C consumers, so sellers should walk the extra mile.

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