Base positioning on brand persona

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June 29, 2021, 9:09 AM GMT+0

Consumers’ perception of a brand is shaped by online reviews, news stories, recommendations, personal experiences and social media.

Highlight the needs of target consumers and identify positioning strategies while communicating the company's unique traits to shape brand perception. Building a brand positioning framework can help businesses convey unique selling proposition values, bolster relationships, and help differentiate from competitors.

With visual-based brand perception impacting how consumers visually identify a brand, creating brand personas to resonate with prospects is recommended. Companies must find their ideal consumers and understand their needs to develop buyer personas that aligns with their core beliefs and values to boost brand awareness.

Communicate the emotional, functional benefit of the brand and the product and outline its uniqueness through messaging to attract prospects. Companies must incorporate the overall brand positioning strategy into the marketing mix to craft personalised messaging based on consumers beliefs.

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