Design a future-proof measurement strategy

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June 29, 2021, 5:51 PM GMT+0

The demise of third-party cookies will impact advertisers' ability to measure conversions and ROI directly.

Privacy strengthening moves by Google and Apple will impact advertisers' ability to remarket, monitor and manage ad fraud and set frequency caps. To be relevant in this evolving advertising industry, companies should find new ways of targeting and design a robust, future-proof measurement strategy.

They should invest in a first-party data infrastructure like CRM and start cleaning, building and segmenting first-party data. Advertisers should also consider moving from Google Analytics to GA4. GA4's machine learning enables advertisers to respect user privacy without losing data. They can use it to enhance their measurement strategy.

Becoming an early adopter of Facebook Conversions API would help advertisers better understand and prepare for the near future. Further, implement consent solutions to comply with legislation.

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