Publishers must prioritise social strategies

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June 29, 2021, 3:20 PM GMT+0

Brands and publishers targeting Gen Z audiences must put social at the centre of their content and distribution strategies.

A Reuters Institute study found 57% of Gen Z members reported their first interaction with news in the morning is on social media platforms and messaging apps. The study reinforces findings from other studies that show video is critical for engaging this generation of consumers.

To effectively target Gen Z consumers, publishers including Group Nine and Overtime have put social media at the core of their strategies. In addition, legacy publications like The Washington Post have embraced and found success in newer platforms like TikTok.

The Washington Post’s Kat Downs Mulder said, “A lot of what we’re doing is exposing people to The Washington Post [and] getting them to start to develop that affinity to trust in our brand.” Overtime’s CRO Rich Calacci further said the consumer behaviour of Gen Z is driving them (publishers) towards these platforms.

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