Use marketing intelligence to boost ROI

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June 29, 2021, 2:09 AM GMT+0

Brands can optimise targeting, boost campaign performance, and grow, with marketing intelligence platforms.

Marketing intelligence platforms help deliver meaningful insights, guide strategic decisions, and boost campaign ROIs by integrating and processing all data. Implementing marketing intelligence solutions can assist brands in consolidating all consumer data from touchpoints like websites, social media, and understand customer’s journey.

This enables companies to integrate data from areas like sales, marketing, operations, and inventories to create engaging campaign experiences for consumers. Brands can identify data patterns in messaging and creatives and optimise the content through various reports and dashboards from a marketing intelligence tool.

As people connect via varied devices and privacy laws are enforced, brands would do well to invest in marketing intelligence solutions to collect only relevant data. Adopt omnichannel marketing to evaluate relevant offline and online data and map consumers’ journey effectively.

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