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July 01, 2021, 3:34 AM GMT+0

The deferment of the third-party cookie phase out allows publishers and demand partners to work on identity and first-party solutions.

Google's decision to postpone the elimination of third-party cookies has stirred the digital media sector, highlighting the ad-tech industry's and Google's lack of preparedness. As a cookieless web is put on hold, businesses have the opportunity to take more control, collaborate, and build stronger identity and consumer engagement strategies.

With regulatory problems and critics disputing FLoC's ability to secure data, the elimination of third-party cookies was postponed, as Google works on its identity solution. Businesses should prioritise data privacy and build solutions to connect with consumers and boost ROI.

Leveraging direct, consumer-consented channels and assessing signals that aren’t related to identity can help create frameworks for identity. Developing scalable, consent-driven, first-party consumer base and solutions can help brands connect with prospects without IDs.

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