Use UTM tags to attribute ad conversions

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July 02, 2021, 2:35 AM GMT+0

While omnichannel helps attribute conversions, brands must only focus on channels used by their consumers.

Despite various ad platforms having optimisation capabilities, determining ecommerce conversion attribution is often inconclusive. Including UTM tags in ecommerce ads can help organisations optimise for multiple channels, analyse the quality of traffic source, scale reach, and more.

Creating an omnichannel marketing plan that includes all platforms and channels, like in-store, mobile, and social, can help brands better understand consumers’ journey. Alex Genov, head of customer research at Zappos notes that to reach shoppers brands must “understand the full customer journey from the customer’s point of view.”

Serving ads on audiences’ preferred platforms is recommended to grow incrementally, rather than trying to scale all the platforms at the same time. Brands must leverage cross-channel optimisation tools like predictive modelling and algorithmic analysis to effectively assess their ads’ performance.

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