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July 05, 2021, 5:10 PM GMT+0

Businesses should use insights gathered from customer interviews to improve business practices.

Conducting customer interviews can help brands gather rich data and valuable insights. Marketers can use these insights to write better marketing copies, informed by real pain-points specific buyer problems. Before conducting customer interviews, they should be clear about the goal behind it.

Businesses should set some parameters to pick out the best interviewees. They can consider parameters like interviewing people that have used the product an average of twice a week for the last three months. To make a value exchange deal, marketers should offer incentives like a gift card to their customers. But, make sure the motivation matches the effort and time given by customers.

Companies should be transparent about the reason for the interview. They should mention to customers how the business would use their data. Additionally, ask open-ended questions, observe their body language, and document the entire process.

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