Convey positivity via ads to elderly

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July 05, 2021, 1:52 AM GMT+0

Presenting positive content in ads in terms of benefits can help brands appeal to older people.

Following the pandemic, health messages to the elderly were inundated with stereotypes, depicting the elderly as frail, lonely, and incompetent. Advertisers, public health professionals, and regulators focused on age, rather than economic power, social connections, physical, and cognitive capacities.

Given the diversity among the older demographic, advertisers should segment them based on factors like remaining life expectancy, meaningful content, physical health, preferences, and age-influenced decisions. Create ads with meaningful rewards and incentives to appeal to and draw the attention of older people.

Compared to the younger generation, this demographic favours relative positive messaging, and so, ads that focus more on positivity would be well received by the group. Advertisers should distance themselves from negative stereotypes, assess the value, goals, and priorities of older people to effectively communicate without assumptions.

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