Extend SaaS reach with brand advocates

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July 05, 2021, 4:40 AM GMT+0

Leverage user-generated content like images, reviews, comments, and videos to augment social media engagement and drive brand advocacy.

Brand advocacy programmes can help SaaS businesses boost lead generation, conversions and improve awareness and consumer acquisition. Data from market and sales research like reviews, sales reports, and more helps SaaS brands identify brand advocates expressing positive brand sentiments across various channels.

Deploy quality measuring systems, FAQs, and seek consumer feedback to improve product quality to create an effective brand advocate program. Incorporate an omnichannel approach into the mix, enhance consumer service, and leverage loyalty programs to boost the brand advocacy program.

Businesses can also offer referral programs and create tailored consumer services while providing community support through online forums to bolster brand advocacy. Build user engagement strategies using trending hashtags, compelling content to connect with prospects on social to improve advocacy.

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