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July 05, 2021, 5:07 PM GMT+0

With customer acquisition costs becoming increasingly high, ecommerce businesses should make sure the paid advertising is worth each penny.

While creating Facebook campaigns, ecommerce companies should make sure their most important points are prominently placed. If the company offers free delivery, easy returns, or a satisfaction guarantee, they should highlight them in their ad copies. They can also create campaigns focusing mainly on those points.

Marketers should describe their ideal buyers in their product promotion ads with the help of power words that evoke positive emotions. They can also end the ad copy with a question to invite readers into the conversation.

Creating small video guides and using them in carousel ads can help attract top-of-the-funnel prospects. Businesses should also handpick their best product reviews and quote them in their Facebook ads. They can also experiment with copies with humor and visuals to boost campaign performance.

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