Listening helps create frictionless ads

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July 05, 2021, 1:27 AM GMT+0

Offer seamless advertising environments to reduce ad fatigue.

With ads having gotten more deliberate and brazen with their interruptions, advertising is creating friction in consumers’ online experiences. As more and more consumers pay for premium content subscriptions, brands should aim to offer frictionless advertising to enhance their ad campaigns.

Moreover, privacy regulations and the growing direct-to-consumer industry has led mass media organisations to cut ties with “Big Advertising.” Paul Dyer, CEO of Lippe Taylor notes that media firms have redirected attention from advertising to the friction it creates for readers or subscribers.

Focusing on consumers’ needs and what they prefer to see can help marketers create frictionless advertising without fatiguing prospects. Listening to consumers, using activations over ads, collaborating with teams, and engaging users can help brands scale frictionless advertising.

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