Real estate marketers must start blogging

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July 05, 2021, 5:23 PM GMT+0

Writing SEO-optimised blog content can help real estate marketers attract more clients online and drive relevant traffic to their website.

The first step towards attracting audiences is building an SEO-optimised website. Real estate marketers should develop lead generation tactics on their website and include popups, simple online forms or mortgage calculators, and other such features to attract more prospects.

Marketers should also have multiple landing pages based on their marketing plans to promote different pages separately and increase the number of leads and potential buyers visiting the website. Creating original blog content with relevant, targeted keywords can help marketers boost search rankings and website traffic and attract the right audiences.

Real estate marketers can use tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs to find the right keywords. To further amplify conversions, marketers should leverage other marketing tactics like hosting virtual events, video marketing, social marketing, and email marketing.

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