Informative evergreen content boosts SEO

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July 06, 2021, 2:04 AM GMT+0

BuzzSumo’s assessment of 3.65 billion posts has revealed key content trends to help brands enhance evergreen content creation.

Evergreen content assures a constant flow of traffic and optimises site SEO, while powerful pillar posts aligned with key areas in the industry boost branding and discovery performance. Headlines including the word “Best” are superlative or excellent for creating evergreen content.

Businesses looking to create wide-ranging or extensive evergreen content should use the word “Guide” in their headlines. Words like “Data” and “Reasons” also highlight evergreen content’s informative value and pique audiences’ curiosity.

With evergreen content being read and shared frequently over the years, it isn’t reliant on reactive content like trends, changing news, and seasons. Exploring different evergreen topics via keyword and influencer research, curating, combining, and updating posts is recommended to create evergreen content.

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