YouTube’s recommender AI faces flak

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July 07, 2021, 4:49 PM GMT+0

A recent study by Mozilla found YouTube’s AI continues to pull up piles of “bottom-feeding/low grade/divisive/ disinforming content”.

YouTube’s video recommending algorithm has long faced accusations that its AI algorithm amplifies hate speech, political extremism and conspiracy theories as it looks to pull people in a vicious cycle of clicks. Mozilla's study further confirms this hypothesis.

Though YouTube’s parent company Google responded by announcing a few policy tweaks and limiting the odd hateful content, there is a lot of ground to be covered. According to Mozilla, “… Google has been pretty successful at fuzzing criticism with superficial claims of reform.”

The Mozilla study found inappropriate content was a greater problem in non-English speaking countries. To fix YouTube’s algorithm, Mozilla suggested a combination of laws that mandate transparency into AI systems and protect independent researchers so they can interrogate algorithm impacts. The law should also empower platform users with robust controls.

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