Offer incentives to increase email list

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July 08, 2021, 5:44 PM GMT+0

Businesses should offer value to their email subscribers rather than only push selling.

Unlike social posts that can disappear in minutes, emails have a longer shelf life and increasing conversions. But, marketers should always keep their email list warm and regularly send emails to their subscribers to keep them invested.

Instead of always using emails to sell products/services, companies should use emails to offer value to their subscribers. They should give their readers a good reason to subscribe. To increase email list subscriptions, marketers should place the benefit in a prominent place and test different CTAs to identify the most appropriate one.

Offering the right incentive can help marketers dramatically increase their email list subscriptions. Marketers should also use their blogs to encourage readers to subscribe to their email newsletter. Try different colours and visuals, and explore email list-building tools like SumoMe.  

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