Take development cues from gaming apps

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July 08, 2021, 2:28 AM GMT+0

Understanding app users can help brands deliver long-term value and increase downloads.

Learning from gaming apps’ advertising creativity can help brands across categories like news, retail, food delivery, transportation, and more, increase app downloads and traffic. Incorporating playable ads into the marketing mix is useful in drawing in user attention and keeping them engaged until the install is complete.

Instant apps, interactive video polls, dynamic end cards, and more employed by gaming publishers can help brands stand out from their competitors and boost app downloads. Marketers can enhance user experiences and engagement with this strategy.

Preloads and set-up wizards allow brands to attract new phone owners to install an app. This will help businesses boost impressions whenever users swipe on their devices. To develop equity and visibility, marketers can align the apps on-device component with relevant holiday seasons.

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