Brands plan to increase influencer budgets

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July 09, 2021, 5:33 PM GMT+0

This piece highlights significant trends in the influencer marketing sector that marketers should be aware of in 2021.

Around 62% of marketers shared their intentions to increase their influencer marketing budgets over the next year. Only 20% of marketers said they intend to keep it at the same levels as 2020. 56% of brands shared an interest in working with the same influencer multiple times, while 44% also said they prefer to mix things up. 

Most influencers (77%) identify themselves as female. 38.5% of brands judge campaign success based on conversions and sales. While 32.5% consider engagement and clicks, and 29% count impressions.

The majority of users said they interact with an influencer at least once a day. 35% of users said they interact with influencers multiple times a day. 88% of customers also said influencers inspired them to purchase something they saw from an influencer.

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