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July 09, 2021, 5:26 PM GMT+0

Brands should not shy away from showing their partnership with renowned businesses to build trust with website visitors.

Businesses should provide numbers that speak to their target audiences. They should highlight meaningful statistics to portray their success and establish credibility. They can further create off-site social communities to foster customer trust.

If a company has globally recognisable brands like Google and Volvo in their clientele, they should prominently place their names on the website to establish credibility. They can also display their clients’ logos on the website if they have permission to use the trademarks in the marketing material.

Highlighting technical integrations and earned media can also help companies boost their credibility. Businesses can also highlight video and text-based testimonials to win the trust of website visitors. Around 92% of B2B customers felt they were more likely to purchase after reading a positive customer review.

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