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July 12, 2021, 2:56 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests a 5-step approach to optimise a LinkedIn article for conversions.

Apart from creating high-quality content on LinkedIn, marketers must focus on writing the perfect title. Find ways to quantify and add numbers to the headline to attract user attention. Marketers should also show their LinkedIn article has a unique perspective. They should further ensure their writing is actionable and offers high value.

While crafting detailed articles on LinkedIn, sharing specific examples and giving actionable tips, marketers should make sure that their copy is concise and skim-able. Break up long paragraphs into small sections, incorporate bullet points in quotes and make paragraphs more easily readable.

With many people viewing content on mobile devices nowadays, businesses must pay more attention to readability. Companies can add visuals like screenshots and infographics to elevate the quality of the article. Further, include a clear call to action and embed links to boost conversions. 

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