Differentiate from competitors with CX

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July 12, 2021, 3:00 PM GMT+0

Brands should demonstrate kindness and empathy in their communications to connect with consumers and be differentiated.

Focusing on a marketing message that emphasises humane customer experiences (CX) and communication is recommended as a way for organisations to set themselves apart from the competition. While unique products and marketing ideas are robust markers of differentiation, competitors can easily copy them unless the product or technique is patentable or indisputable.

Brands should offer meaningful and personal contacts, surprises, and emotions at every touchpoint in their consumer's journey to build loyalty and stand out from their competitors. Connecting with customers in memorable ways can help brands differentiate themselves and help consumers forget about any negative experiences they may have had.

Provide consumer care to meet consumer expectations and enhance marketing efforts. An over-the-top customer care approach carves out a way for powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

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