PR pros can use newsjacking to stand out

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July 14, 2021, 5:45 PM GMT+0

Newsjacking is the practice of taking advantage of current events or news stories to promote one’s products or brand.

Leveraging newsjacking can help PR professionals gain increased media coverage and reach prospects more effectively. PR pros can also boost search rankings by including keywords in newsjacking outreach and client content. They should start by conducting deep research about their client’s industry.

Communication experts should update media lists regularly. They can set up google alerts about related niche topics, analyse already published content and find something different or unique to what has already gained traction.

While reaching out to journalists, PR professionals should be on point and avoid using clever alliteration or puns in email subject lines. They should also suggest newsjacking opportunities to clients where they can genuinely offer an authoritative and trusted reaction or insight to a news story.

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