Track online content to curb misuse

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July 14, 2021, 1:01 PM GMT+0

Pick the right content format and platforms to post content to monitor and track the created content.

Content production has risen in parallel with internet consumption, resulting in a plethora of content assets left unattended, and forgotten. Before creating new content, marketers should assess its viability and develop strategies to best monitor, manage, and use content.

Developing an inventory or a catalogue can help content creators monitor assets, discover old and valuable content, and repurpose them for current campaigns. Brands can use digital management software like Aux Mode to track content across platforms, safeguard them from copyright infringement, and produce content on trending topics.

Also, attributing credits to content creators can help publications avoid lawsuits for copyright infringement. Content producers should avoid uploading contentious or improper tweets, videos, or articles on the internet since they could be archived and used against them later.

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