Treat staff well to boost brand image

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July 14, 2021, 8:58 AM GMT+0

Leverage positive consumer reviews online to enhance brand image.

Businesses should establish and sustain their brand’s image to ensure consumers always support the organisation in the event of a public relations crisis. Letting digital marketing experts execute consistent marketing campaigns that convey a brand's story builds trust and helps connect with prospects.

A mission statement defining brand values can serve as a guideline for growth and decision-making and displaying it on the site can grow brand image. Host charity drives and events, offer discounts to people residing around the brand’s retail locations to contribute towards the local community and improve PR efforts.

Brands should ensure their staff are treated well, incentivised and are provided a pleasant working environment to promote a positive culture. Addressing issues as soon as possible via online channels to affected customers can turn negative experiences into positive ones.

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