Use social media to boost ecommerce sales

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July 14, 2021, 5:35 PM GMT+0

Apart from offering high-quality products and services, ecommerce companies can share discount coupons on social platforms to increase sales.

Ecommerce businesses should leverage social media marketing to boost sales. They can use social media to offer discounts to welcome first-time buyers. To make customers feel more valued and increase conversions, brands can offer “Buy one, get one free” type coupons. 

Studies show that people trust recommendations and referrals provided by a friend or an influencer more than a generic coupon ad. So, ecommerce companies can offer exclusive coupons to their existing customers for referring the brand to their circle. Businesses can also leverage limited-time coupons or holiday coupons to boost sales.

Marketers should use catchy images and compelling CTAs to attract user attention. But, businesses need to use powerful hashtags, observe their competitors and engage with influencers to reach their potential buyers effectively.

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