Humanise email subject lines

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July 15, 2021, 4:11 PM GMT+0

Personalising email subject lines can help companies add a human touch to branded emails.

Instead of sending generic brand emails, marketers should send personalised emails to attract user attention. They should use user data to personalise email subject lines. For instance, companies can keep their email subject lines for Toronto based subscribers as – “It’s snowy in Toronto – get 20% off leather jackets.”

With most people viewing emails on mobile devices, companies should make their emails mobile-friendly with a subject line of no more than 43 characters. A Marketo study found subject lines containing four words received the highest average open rate. So, marketers should keep their email subject lines short and to the point.

Using relevant numbers in email subject lines can help marketers improve open and reply rates. Marketers can also use power words like “Unique”, “Key”, and “Limited” to arouse curiosity, build trust and develop FOMO.

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