Minimalistic web designs retain users

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July 15, 2021, 1:57 AM GMT+0

Create mobile-friendly and responsive websites to provide seamless mobile experiences and boost a site’s search ranking.

A minimalist web design is useful in reducing clutter, decreasing redundancies and distractions to make the website more accessible, and drive interaction. Support a minimalistic site by optimising all images for speed loading, have more negative space, and restrict auto-play for videos and GIFs.

This can help businesses lower bounce rates and retain site visitors. Create a clean and practical design with simplified layout, and high-contrasting colour palettes to direct visitors’ attention towards CTA buttons and improve user experiences.

Brands can also use minimal designs to create an emotional connection with customers through visual storytelling, categorising engaging content, and building trust and authority. Ensure every website design element has a functional purpose and adds value to the overall website. To emphasise short brand messaging, choose strong and vibrant fonts.

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