Use data to drive digital campaigns

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July 15, 2021, 4:13 PM GMT+0

Brands must rely on data-driven marketing to adapt to changing needs of customers.

Marketers can leverage data to identify what interests their target audience. For instance, by keeping track of people who visit their website, brands can create the typical persona of the average visitor. Tracking helps them target other users with similar characteristics with relevant content.

Marketers must analyse products reviews and social media posts for customer comments on their brand. Customer comments will help businesses understand how audiences are reacting to their marketing messages. Similarly, feedback allows brands to identify which aspects of their campaigns visitors interact with the most.

Brands must analyse marketing strategies adopted by industry competitors to improve their campaigns. Examine SEO campaigns by rival brands and find out which advertising platforms they use. Such exercises help marketers identify loopholes in their digital strategies and enhance them to outperform their rivals.

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