Use Instagram communities for engagement

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July 15, 2021, 4:00 PM GMT+0

Improving Instagram engagement can help companies build community and boost conversions.

While engagement has been an essential metric for measuring the success of any social media activity, businesses should also consider Instagram engagement as their top priority to build genuine connection with their prospects. Effectively engaging customers on Instagram can help companies build a community and boost conversions.

Marketers should make sure their Instagram posts ends with a clear direction. They should avoid tagging someone in posts or comments for the sake of grabbing their attention as it can look spammy. Further, avoid posting comments that are spammy or are intended to drive people to purchase from a certain link.

Posting longer and valuable comment on another creator’s posts can drive engagement and spark conversations. While creating any type of content on Instagram, from IGTV to Stories, marketers should ensure that the content is relevant and ends with a CTA. 

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