COVID-19 led to new communication models

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July 16, 2021, 2:19 PM GMT+0

The COVID-19 Communication Advisory Panel report revealed that the pandemic made evident the needs of an integrated, direct, digital communication practice among PR practitioners.

The report highlights trends in communication practices that PR professionals can use to improve their skillsets. Due to the increased demand for public relations as a result of COVID-19, two-way communication has been used as a strategy to aid organisations.

Organisational leaders shifted focus towards internal communication teams as they were effective in boosting employee engagement. Smaller businesses established new communication methods and workflows that were sustained throughout the lockdown.

COVID-19 disrupted physical events, resulting in innovations in new applications and platforms, as well as an increase in demand for digital design and production capabilities. Brands must balance the diverse communication needs of their staff, as hybrid workplace models are adopted. PR professionals must equip themselves with virtual, strategic, cross-functional communications.

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