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July 16, 2021, 12:39 PM GMT+0

Creating and submitting XML sitemaps are crucial as search engine bots use the sitemap to locate and index a website’s pages.

Search engines like Google send out pieces of code like bots, crawlers or spiders to spot new or updated content on the web. The crawlers evaluate content based on an algorithm to determine the search ranking of a site.

To achieve higher search rankings and improve website traffic, marketers must make sure their site is properly indexed for search engines. Marketers should check “Coverage” panel and open report on Google Search Console to check whether Google has indexed their site. Use the index inspection tool and run “Test live URL”.

They should ensure a website’s page organisation and navigation is properly structured. Create and submit sitemaps to Google to ensure webpages are indexed appropriately. Audit site and fix broken links, while also removing flash content.

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