Use double opt-in to avoid email filters

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July 19, 2021, 5:20 PM GMT+0

People are less likely to report a brand email as spam if they have had to go through an extra step to confirm the subscription.

Artificial intelligence and machine-learning driven spam filters mark emails as spam based on various factors like subject lines that appear false or suspicious, blacklisted IP addresses or spam-related words and phrases. Businesses need to adopt steps like double opt-in to escape spam filters, which can help lower spam scores and enhance email deliverability.

Companies should use a double opt-in form, which visitors need to fill to confirm their subscriptions. Start by sending a low volume of email at first and then slowly increase the quantity to maintain email deliverability, which can help keep the IP reputation.

Ask email subscribers to add the branded email to their contact list. Apart from sending value-added content, brands should avoid misleading subjects.

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