Americans favour Big Tech's regulation

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July 21, 2021, 12:03 PM GMT+0

4,623 US adults were surveyed for a Pew Research Center study between 12-18 April 2021.

Americans favour the greater regulation of Big Tech companies as 68% believe that these firms have amassed “too much power and influence over the economy.” 56% of respondents wish for greater-than-present regulation of these companies, up from 47% in June 2020.

To ensure a healthy competitive ecosystem, 55% of Americans believe big tech companies should be restricted to a certain size despite them following all rules. In contrast, 42% participants don’t believe in limiting their growth if rules are being followed by Big Tech.

A smaller 25% of those polled considers that Big Tech has the right amount of power currently. A mere 4% say they don’t have enough power. Further, 37% respondents think it would be good if the government intervenes to “reduce the size” of major tech firms.

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