Improve CRM data maintenance

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July 23, 2021, 4:45 PM GMT+0

US companies lose as much as $3 trillion per year because of bad data, yet 60% of companies fail to calculate how much it actually costs.

Businesses should pay more attention to improving their CRM data maintenance. CRM data maintenance can enable marketing teams to produce more qualified leads through improved segmentation, personalisation and nurturing.

CRM data maintenance is the ongoing process of auditing the CRM data, identifying issues and eventually fixing problems within the database. Improving CRM data maintenance can help companies provide their employees with easy access to high quality, crucial and relevant data.

With quality data, marketers can represent their brand professionally across all communication channels while also improving the overall experience throughout the customer lifecycle. While maintaining CRM data, businesses should focus on data quality, data cleansing, data operations, data duplication, data purging, monitoring and KPIs.

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