Improve reach with paid ads on Snapchat

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July 26, 2021, 9:42 AM GMT+0

Use goal-based bidding to optimise Snapchat campaigns based on objectives, budget, campaign duration, and more.

Creating paid ad campaigns for Snapchat can help firms grow their reach on the app. Marketers can utilise the Snap Ads Manager tool to build, run, monitor, and optimise ads, as well as target users based on demographics.

Various ad formats like a single image, video, collection, commercial ads, and more can be used depending on the campaign objective to provide seamless purchase experiences. Brands must first sign up for a Snapchat account and then utilise the Ads Manager tool to create ads.

Marketers can build a single ad using the "Instant Create" option or use the "Advanced Create" option to specify objectives like awareness, app instals, driving site traffic, conversions, and more. Name the campaign, and select the timeline, budget, and ensure the content is natural and consistent.

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