Offer digital shopping beyond COVID-19

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July 26, 2021, 12:24 PM GMT+0

COVID-19 has changed customer expectations and behaviours, according to Tallwave's 2021 Evolving Customer Experience Report.

Despite businesses concentrating on health and safety, the survey found that convenience is still the top benefit 41% of US customers expect during COVID-19. While more than half of customers wish to return to in-person experiences, 50% state they will not return to at least one experience post-pandemic.

In post-pandemic, 44% of US employees reported working from home five days or more per week, compared to 17% in the pre-pandemic. In addition, 52% of consumers ordered products online amid COVID-19 and 59% used telehealth services more frequently.

Of those polled, 49% of consumers reported using virtual workouts. Consumers have a positive view of businesses that offer digital experiences. However, 66% of consumers aged 55 and above do not want to continue digital experiences beyond COVID-19.

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