Paid ads boost lead generation rapidly

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July 26, 2021, 8:09 AM GMT+0

Data generated from paid search ads can help brands conduct market research and optimise their marketing efforts.

Paid search marketing allows businesses to have their websites appear alongside top-ranking sites on Google search results. Moreover, brands can use data from internet giants like Google to create highly targeted ads based on demographics like age, location, and more.

Businesses can target consumers based on their interests, habits, and other factors through paid ads. While paid search marketing can help brands identify prospects and generate leads immediately, the consistent flow of traffic is restricted to the timeline of the campaign, unlike emails or social media.

Paid search ads based on keywords, however, might help businesses appear above their competitors on the search engine results page. Marketers can track the number of clicks on their ads, estimate sales, and regulate the frequency of ads displayed through paid ads.

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