Instagram tests TikTok-style rundown

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July 27, 2021, 11:45 AM GMT+0

Once users click on a post on Instagram’s Explore page, it expands to a full screen, TikTok-like display.

In a bid to match TikTok’s increasing popularity, Instagram is testing a new vertical content feed on its Explore page. Posts with multiple images will function like Instagram stories, where users can tap left or right to view them. Once the selected post expands to a full-screen display, users can swipe up to view the next post.

TikTok provides personally relevant public posts to users based on their engagement with an individual clip. For instance, TikTok’s algorithm takes note if users view specific videos more than once. The app then focuses on broader exposure and shows users similar content.

So far, Instagram has primarily offered content from profiles that users already follow. With the new feature on the Explore page, Instagram could alter its algorithm to register specific user engagement like TikTok.

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