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July 27, 2021, 3:04 PM GMT+0

Brands can use curated content to offer variety to customers, and build a community of engaged followers.

With the right balance of original and curated content, brands can maintain consistency in their overall content marketing offerings. Consider dedicating a day in the week to share curated content like blog posts by thought leaders and industry updates.

Similarly, good-curated content inspires marketers and content teams to create quality original content themselves. In spite of not being the original creators, brands can be held liable for curated content. Ensure that the curated content is credible and unbiased, while crediting the original sources of the content.

Along with identifying content relevant to target audiences’ interests, brands must decide which channels they want to share curated content through. While some prefer social media platforms, others share industry-related content in certain sections of their newsletter.

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