Value-based incentives promote engagement

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July 27, 2021, 11:41 AM GMT+0

Vesta’s recent survey of US 14,114 consumers highlights five audience segments based on their motivations to engage with a brand.

Meaningful incentives related to self-expression, curiosity, and related emotions encourage consumers to engage with a brand rather than just transactional incentives. The “Energetic One” is the most popular consumer profile at 33%.

This group is mainly made up of young people motivated by social incentives like having their work featured or having access to exclusive content. “Opinionated” consumers (32%) prefer self-expression and enjoy trying out new products and sharing experiences.

Consumers (9%) were motivated by tangible rewards like product samples - represented mainly by older people - and driven by material value. 15% of consumers identified themselves as the “Exclusive Access” members - interested in exclusive products, features, and content. 12% of consumers, mainly Gen Z and millennials, were inclined towards reputation-based incentives like badges.

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