Boost PageRank SEO with internal links

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July 28, 2021, 1:24 AM GMT+0

Linking to the other brand sites can help brands optimise PageRank.

Businesses must optimise their PageRank with structured links and construct a flat website to distribute PageRank to rank pages on their website. Restructuring the PageRank flow enables pages to be closer to the homepage while receiving links from other pages. This helps with internal optimisation and boosts SEO.

Link a page to a better-ranked page and connect with relevant tier-three and below pages through content hubs like related sections to improve SERP ranking. Brands can also link pages with higher external PageRank to enhance SEO.

Index key pages, add consecutive numbers to pages and include internal links to identify the sequential order of pages and rank better. Categorising pages for internal PageRank, creating a list of targeted keywords, and linking them to pages with better ranking improves search ranking.

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