Listen to customers for content ideas

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July 28, 2021, 5:02 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests practical ideas that businesses can use to boost their content marketing in 2021.

Conducting surveys and monitoring website analytics can help companies listen to their customers and identify their needs, desires and expectations from the brand. It can help marketers generate effective content ideas. Marketers can also use the survey results in their articles to make their website intent-rich, trustworthy and linkable.

Using web analytics can also help marketers understand which content and on-page elements their site users responds to best in a better manner. While creating branded content, marketers should consider seasonal trends and events - like cleaning season and summer holidays or any other noteworthy days - relevant to their target audience.

Engaging with local communities can help marketers better understand their prospects’ intent and personal experiences. Use these insights, conduct keyword research and identify what people are asking online to inform content strategies.

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