Google’s Page Exp. update rolled out

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July 28, 2021, 5:11 PM GMT+0

Google’s Page Experience is an algorithm that uses various signals like mobile-friendliness and Core Web Vitals to determine a user experience with a particular webpage.

Though the search engine giant will take around two and half months to completely implement its new Page Experience update, businesses should start preparing now. To get ready for Google’s latest update, they need to pay more attention to Core Web Vitals - a set of real-world metrics based on page load time, interactivity and visual stability.

Apart from improving page-loading speed and website interactivity, marketers should also prioritise security and secure their website with HTTPS. Optimising websites for mobile devices and improving navigation can help businesses be prepared for the Page Experience update.

Marketers can see their Page Experience report within the Google search console. This report would also provide users with actionable insights to improve the Page Experience signals.

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