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July 29, 2021, 5:39 PM GMT+0

Sales-enablement content is any content asset, case studies and video walk-throughs, used either by salespeople or prospects.

With 62% of B2B customers saying they can make their buying decisions based solely on digital content, businesses must create more effective sales-enablement content. Instead of using written words, companies can use graphs, charts and even memes to visualise a sales demo or presentation.

Innovate product demos with website analytics and tools like Walnut. Marketers should visualise content in meaningful ways, like creating easy-to-understand data comparisons using pie charts or visualising steps and processes with timelines and flow charts. But, they should also keep different decision-makers in mind while creating sales-enablement content.

Consider using tools like Text Optimizer or Google’s People Also Ask to conduct question research and better understand prospects. To further the sales team’s performance, include influencer-driven social proof in the sales-enablement content.

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