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July 29, 2021, 5:22 PM GMT+0

An OpenText study found a bad experience will turn off 56% of UK customers.

Consumers want brands to engage with them as individuals. Something that is borne out by the fact that two-thirds of UK consumers are more likely to buy again from brands that treat them as individuals.

Apart from being treated as an individual, other crucial factors that buyers consider while making a purchase include Easy search, auto-fill and remembering customer details, and a commitment to protecting consumers’ personal data. Around 19% of customers also state they will stop using a brand if the experience is not “excellent” when buying online.

60% of customers also believe no such thing as a “customer for life” exists anymore in 2021. Consumers would also stop buying a brand after a bad experience. The article states that creating a frictionless experience for customers is key to providing a good experience.

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