Incentivise shoppers for exit surveys

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July 29, 2021, 2:01 AM GMT+0

Exit surveys of varying lengths and questions, can be A/B tested to determine the response rate and gain insights into consumer behaviour.

Creating a website exit survey may help brands better understand their site's attrition rate, acquire valuable insights, boost conversions, and improve overall site performance. Consider factors like cart abandonment, audience type, brand goals, KPIs, and more to craft a website exit survey.

Brands can improve response rates by creating a questionnaire with relevant open-ended and unbiased questions with multiple answers, and incentives like a reward. Mediums like an exit page pop-up, email survey and more can be leveraged to serve interactive and interesting polls and ensure completion.

Data from exit surveys can be analysed and categorised into trends and pain points, then forwarded to customers to seek feedback and improve website performance.

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