Promote products via videos in emails

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July 29, 2021, 12:46 PM GMT+0

Video content like behind-the-scenes, educational videos, and brand stories in emails boosts ROI.

Brands may enhance engagement with their target audiences by incorporating videos into their email marketing campaigns. Crafting compelling subject lines with the word video is recommended to appeal to recipients’ emotions and drive open rates.

Include engaging videos, like behind-the-scenes footage or exclusive product sneak peeks, keep readers engaged, retain their attention, and increase email open rates. Producing videos around employees' daily activities, workspace, and other aspects can help brands empower their staff, as well as exhibit their company culture to prospects and build trust.

Use videos in emails and on social media to announce upcoming events, and improve conversion rates. Brands can also launch a new product line through video content and create a “How-to” series to guide, educate, and inform prospects of product benefits.

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