Anticipate client needs beforehand

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July 30, 2021, 5:19 PM GMT+0

This piece shares tips that marketers can use to boost client satisfaction in a post-pandemic era.

With COVID-19 disrupting businesses and people’s lifestyles, it is now more critical than before for businesses to focus on improving client satisfaction. The first step to enhance client satisfaction is to foresee what clients need from the company. They can also ask customers about their new desires and expectations from the business in the post-pandemic era.

Businesses can show clients they genuinely care about them by being proactive and providing clients with what they need. For instance, a consulting firm can send an email with helpful tips or how-to videos on improving team collaboration in a hybrid workforce.

Improving inquiry response time and provide regular status updates on projects further client satisfaction. Hiring a virtual assistant or using an automated email responder can help optimise time and improve client satisfaction.

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